tirsdag 30. september 2008

All I want this fall

I've decided not to buy more clothes for a while. I just don't need it. I have bought a fair amount of clothes lately, and sadly I haven't used much of it yet. Thats mainly because all I do is walk to work, work, walk to the gym, work out, take the bus home and hang out with my boyfriend. Both of my jobs requires wearing sneakers, jeans and a t shirt with the company's name. Point is: I haven't got any reason to dress up. Sometimes I wish I worked in a store selling clothes or shoes... Where you had to look really good every day.

Not spending money on clothes doesn't mean I don't want to spend any money... I'm earing quite a bit of
money this month... First of all, we have sold our russebil (no word for that in english), which made 3730kr come into my account today. Whoopii! Secondly, I'll have my first paycheck from Baker Hansen tomorrow, about 8000kr. And on the 10th of October I'll have my money from Platekompaniet. So, what do I want?

1. The Macbook

I've had my PC for 3,5 years now, it's a bit tired. And macbooks are so stylish... Want to try one. I'll wait a little bit though, rumors has it that a new macbook is to be released in October!

2. New glasses
- i give up trying to find a good picture-
Why is eyewear so f*ing expensive? They cost about half a Macbook! At least if you want a designers name on them, which I obviously want... And it's damn hard finding the right pair.. I've tried about a hundred different pairs now.

3. New wallet

I've had my wallet for, I'm guessing, ten years. It's ripping at the seams! I want a nice, soft leather, quality wallet like these ones from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

4. Autumn shoes
I need a pair of shoes for autumn that are black, work with my new short trousers and have a bit of heel. Help?

søndag 28. september 2008

Samsøe & Samsøe + Sweet Girls Secondhand

Since the danish brand Samsøe & Samsøe has opened a new store at Steen & Strøm Magasin in Oslo recently, I want to share some of my favorite looks from their a/w-collection with you:

(click it)
I really like their simplicity, use of colors and style. Next time I'm in Oslo I'll have to visit their store.

And I have some news:
I've started a new blog together with some of my friends! Or not a blog, but a site where we sell things we never use, have bought too small or have grown tired of. Check out Sweet Girls Secondhand.
Right now it's only shoes there, but clothes and accessories will be added soon. If you're interested in anything, you send a mail to the seller. Short questions can be asked in the comment field. Hope you like it!

fredag 26. september 2008

Tap at my window

And by the way, the blog is two months old today! Happy birthday blog :)

I'll celebrate watching TV and eating chocolate. Working from eight tomorrow.. sigh..

What I really want now is:
- a macbook
- new glasses
Maybe not as crazy as these, but I like the picture.

Home spa

This won't turn into a beauty-blog, I swear. But today I'm a bit into makeup and skincare. I've got the day off work, and decided to have a little home-spa-session. This is something I do perhaps once a month, and I always feel so good afterwards. And the bonus: It's free! Perfect start on the weekend too.

My home-spa schedule:

1. Clean the shower! I know, it doesn't sound too luxurious... But I promise you, it feels so much better to take a really, really long shower in a clean shower. I always forget the shower when I clean my bathroom.

2. Wash my hair. Right now I use a cheap shampoo from Define. Then I put a hair treatment product in my hair. I use this one from KMS California. It makes my hair really soft and more healthy. I use it once every other week.

3. While the hair product works its magic I peel my entire body with a hampvott (don't know what it's called in english). This removes all dead skin. I also peel my face with
7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula from Clinique. I use it once a week and it makes my skin really soft and clean.

4. After peeling I'm ready for shaving. I used shaving foam for the first time in months, feels even better.

5. Wash my entire body with a mineral softening soap from TL Spa Design. It really makes my skin softer, and smells so good.

6. Wash out the hair treatment and dry myself with a clean towel.

7. After the shower I use
Green Tea Honey Drops Body Cream from Elizabeth Arden. It's a super moisturizing, all-over body cream, with a blend of real honey and fragrant green tea extract which makes it smell really, really good. And it makes my skin so soft! If your looking for a new body lotion, I think you should try this one.

8. Do my makeup and blow dry my hair.

9. File my nails and apply see-through nail polish.

10. Feeling like a princess from head to toe, I finish it off with a big cup of green tea.

In Barcelona I bought a starters kit from i.d. Bare Minerals. It cost 50% less than in Norway!Maria and I shared the content, I got the bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation, the Warmth All-Over Face Color (sun powder) and the Kabuki brush. Don't think I'll need more, these are the essentials.

I've used the makeup for three days now, and I've got to say I love it! I usually don't use foundation, but I really see a difference with the foundation and warmth from id. My skin looks more even and cleaner, a bit more "polished". But the result is also very natural and you can't feel the makeup at all. I tried to take pictures of my face to show you the difference, but I'm no beauty photographer, so it's not that easy to see.
1. No makeup whatsoever.
2. Eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow color.
4. Added
BareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation, in the color fairly light.
5. Added warmth on cheeks and nose.
I really recommend trying out mineral makeup!

Hope some of you got inspired to have a spa-session at home this weekend. Its really worth spending a little time on your selves, you'll feel amazing afterwards.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

onsdag 24. september 2008

Purple haze

Today I visited Maria in Oslo. We ate pancakes for breakfast and tried out our new makeup from id bare minerals at her place, before we made Bogstadveien dangerous. At least it was dangerous for our wallets.

I bought four things that I'm really, really happy with. Now I'm broke, but at least I'm very satisfied. Starting
with todays outfit:
Nothing too special. Shoes from Marc, jeans from Crocker ECO, trench from Zara and scarf from Bloom Copenhagen. Wore my new top from Bruuns Bazar under it.

My buys:
Knit-tube-dress from H&M Trend. I really like it, even though it falls down all the time... Any tips? Tried with safety pins, didn't work that well. The dress looks cool with tops under too, for winter.

Knitted vest from Vila (ignore stupid face)

A bit highwaisted and short-legged pants from H&M Trend.

And the best part: New winter coat from Modström. My camera didn't capture the color of it too well, its more like a dark purple. It is supercute and the cut is fantastic. Not to mention the buttons! I love it <3>

søndag 21. september 2008

Button it up

Todays outfit, and the last new thing from Barcelona. I just love this top. It's in the softest fabric imaginable and it has these cute details like the hood, the pockets, the buttons and the short arms.

Hat from H&M, sweater from Bazaar, tank top from Filippa K, old jeans, shoes from Bronx.

My buys from Barcelona

Cute skarf from Bloom Copenhagen

Boys t shirt from Pull and Bear

Blouse from Zara

Short top (to be worn over long tops) from Adolfo Dominguez

Black basic from Filippa K

Bruuns Bazar


Green/grey/brown-ish tunic/big shirt from Bazaar


Black tunic from Chocolate

Crazy sneakers from Asics

Knee highs from American Apparel

Blue beret from Top Shop

From Mads Nørgaard

Detail: Silver thread

Look how nice it is :)

PS. I forgot to show you one of my favorite buys, but I'm sure it will be used in an outfit soon, so will the other buys.
PPS. I also bought make-up from I.d bare minerals, I'll test it on Wednesday.

torsdag 18. september 2008

Black beauties

How am I suppose to choose from this group of shoes? I want them all! I've got to say Din Sko has really got it this season, guess I'll have to take my pick. Damn hard though...


Clothes and sneakers wasn't the only thing I bought in Barcelona. We visited MACBA, the gallery for modern art, and they had an amazing book- and gift shop. I bought two Christmas presents (won't tell you though, Maria is always sneaking around here :) and two things for myself:

Birds of a feather by Helene Ige, that I've just put together and hung in my roof.

Magnetic poetry's "Movie Lines" box. Small magnets with words from movies that you can put together as you like. Fun!

I'll try to post the clothes and shoes on sunday, and I've also got a movie to edit and some new makeup and skincare products to test! Stay tuned...

onsdag 17. september 2008


Here are some of the outfits I wore in Barcelona. The pictures aren't the best, they're kind of touristy... Anyway, much better quality if you click on the pics, don't know why blogspot does this to them.

Dress from Indiska, shoes from Asics (new!), bag from Bianco, watch from Casio (new), sunglasses from Benetton.

Shoes from Converse, chinos from Mango, blouse from Indiska, bag from Bianco, Certina watch, bracelet from Lindex, sunglasses from Benetton and earrings from Accessorize.

Top from H&M, shorts from Vila, hairband from Gina Tricot, sunglasses from Urban Outfitters.

Hairband from Gina Tricot, dress from i-dont-remember-right-now, cardigan from Zara and sandals from Dna.

Top and skirt from Top Shop.

tirsdag 16. september 2008


I'm back from Barcelona! I've had such a wonderful time with my boyfriend. It feels like we've done everything this week, from sightseeing to shopping. But I guess your most interested in the shopping part of it, or what? Well, the shopping was not the best ever, but I found some pieces I'm really happy with. The shops wasn't the problem, Barcelona had them all. I think I just got a spending-problem... Sounds weird, I know. I just had problem buying things, I guess it was because I had been saving money for so long. Nothing was perfect enough, if you know what I mean. And much of what I found was either too cheap-looking or too expensive. But I guess it's a good thing having some money left :)

I will try to take pictures of my buys this week, but I'm so busy with work... Tomorrow I work from 8 to 8!

But I'll show you my new haircut! The hairdressers in Barcelona took half the price of the ones at home, so tried them out. It looks a bit Agyness Deyn-ish, or a bit like me when I was three years old, haha.

søndag 7. september 2008

I'm leaving for Barcelona in 12 hours! My boyfriend and I are staying there for a week, so I don't think I'll be blogging that much. But I'll be back in one week with a bunch of pictures and hopefully some good buys to show you. You might even get a video blog from Barcelona! I hope it will be worth waiting for :)

Hasta la vista!

fredag 5. september 2008

My friday night

So you didn't know what you wanted in this blog, except from Maria who wanted more outfits, which I'll try to give you. Only problem is that I work from 9-16 most days, and when I get home I only want to wear my PJs... We'll see in Barcelona :)

I bought Lula today, I'm so exited!

onsdag 3. september 2008

What do you want?

Sorry for my lack of updates the last days, it's been hectic with two jobs and all. Yesterday, after work, I was on a coffee course, since I'm quite new with making coffee from scratch. It was very interesting and I learned quite a bit about making coffee, and coffee in general. So today, at work, I made my first espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and so on. Can't say I'm any good at making those hearts with the foam yet though...

What else is there to say? Well, I'm leaving for Barcelona in only 5 (!) days. One week with summer again, last chance to wear summer clothes this year. It's about 25 there now, here it's only 14... So I'm looking forward to that. And of course the spending-time-with-boyfriend, shopping, architecture, beach, partying and so on.

Which brings me to my point, finally: Have any of you been to Barcelona? Please tell me about any good shops, restaurants, places, or anything!

I'm also wondering about what you guys think about my blog so far. My last post actually made a comment record in the short history of this blog, so I'm kind of proud.. I know it's lame..

Anyway.. What would you want to read more? What do you find interesting, and what do you find boring? Is there anything you miss? What would your dream-blog-post be? Do you have any ideas for blog posts? Mention it, and I'll do my best :)

Okey, I've got to stop typing now, so, a picture:

Lovely combined Miu Miu dress (and I like the fact that it matches the graffiti)