tirsdag 16. september 2008


I'm back from Barcelona! I've had such a wonderful time with my boyfriend. It feels like we've done everything this week, from sightseeing to shopping. But I guess your most interested in the shopping part of it, or what? Well, the shopping was not the best ever, but I found some pieces I'm really happy with. The shops wasn't the problem, Barcelona had them all. I think I just got a spending-problem... Sounds weird, I know. I just had problem buying things, I guess it was because I had been saving money for so long. Nothing was perfect enough, if you know what I mean. And much of what I found was either too cheap-looking or too expensive. But I guess it's a good thing having some money left :)

I will try to take pictures of my buys this week, but I'm so busy with work... Tomorrow I work from 8 to 8!

But I'll show you my new haircut! The hairdressers in Barcelona took half the price of the ones at home, so tried them out. It looks a bit Agyness Deyn-ish, or a bit like me when I was three years old, haha.

3 kommentarer:

Pia sa...

Kewlt! Enkelt og greit kult.
Gleder meg til å se shoppingbilder (selv om det kanskje ikke ble så mange)

heidi merethe sa...

kjempe søt klipp :D du passet til den!

Kamilla sa...

Tusen takk :)