torsdag 26. februar 2009

Walk the Shame

I had a job interview at Sandvika Storsenter on Tuesday, so I met up with Maria afterwards to have lunch and check out spring news in the stores. I wasn´t supposed to buy anything, but I couldn´t help myself when I found two really good pieces on sale. Don´t know how well the interview went, but I couldn´t care less. Because when I got home they called me from where I work part time (Platekompaniet), and offered me a full time job :D

Lunch at Bølgen & Moi


What I wore outside (sry about crappy pictures, but its pictures at least)


Dress from Saints and Mortals, looks really cute on. Before: 399,- Now: 149,-

Oversized blazer (I bought size xs!) from Saints and Mortals. Before: 599,- Now: 199,-

Accessories of the day

Yesterday Magnus and I went to a concert with Zoom-winners Norma Sass and Urørt-winners Pony the Pirate. Imagine the Green Soil was the opening band.

Norma Sass, talented and lovely girl band <3 The singer has a really cool voice and I think they had a couple of really good songs. They´re playing at Øyafestivalen in August. Check out the song called Japan.

Pony the Pirate
, like their p3-hit single called Walk the Shame

Mix from January

I´ve finally got Photoshop on my macbook, so now I can edit and resize my pictures to make them blog-friendly again :) Here are some random pictures from January:

Big kids have more fun


Me and my room mate, Panda

Freezing cold

søndag 22. februar 2009

Black Lily

Cute, cute accessorizes from danish brand Black Lily.

Give me the black headband and the yellow and white braclets, please (:

lørdag 21. februar 2009


Oh, I´m longing! And the snow just keeps on falling... But I´m not having a bad time after all...I´m home alone with my boyfriend and his two dogs today. The laziest Saturday ever. We´ve walked the dogs, I´ve been reading magazines while he has been playing the double bass and later we´re going to make dinner together, watch a movie and eat chocolate. And I manage to light up the fireplace, all by myself! Win!

Pictures from Vice and Vogue Nippon.

tirsdag 17. februar 2009

About movies and music

My soundtrack for February:
Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird, American Mouth
Tom Hell - Don´t Leave Me Heather
Raphael Saadiq - Just One Kiss (feat. Joss Stone)
Anna Ternheim - Summer Rain
Amelie from Montmartre soundtrack
Billie Holiday - April in Paris
Bon Iver - Skinny Love

Enjoy, youtube is your friend (:

Movies I´ve already seen and love and movies I want to see:

Marie Antoinette (I watched it again yesterday and suddenly noticed the converse shoes among all the princess shoes <3) onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulain

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Paris, Je T´Aime


Other movies I wan´t to see:
Coffee and Cigarettes
Romance and Cigarettes
The Virgin Suicides
My Blueberry Nights

Ensemble C'est Tout

Un Long Dimanche De Fiançailles/a Very Long Engagement

Do you know any other songs I should hear, movies I should see or novels I should read (I wan´t to read some about Paris!)? Please tell me :)

All pictures by Hjartesmil

mandag 16. februar 2009

Are you ready for this?

Major inspiration post coming up:

Look at the heart shaped pockets <3

Oh, how I would love to be in New York during fashion week (or any time)

Pictures from Altamira NYC, Garance Doré, The Sartorialist and Teen Vouge