torsdag 31. juli 2008

Ship Ohoy!

Today I'm going to the movies with my boyfriend, we're going to see the Batman movie! So I'm wearing a new stripy top from H&M (love the neckline), shorts from Vila, sandals from Dna, sunglasses from Urban Outfitters and gold watch and bracelet that were my grandmothers. Wore my dads hat from the marine for fun, felt kind of sailor-chick.

onsdag 30. juli 2008

Leave Your Hat On

(Please click the picture for better quality)

Today I met some friends in town and ate ice cream. I was wearing leather flats from Italy, shorts from Vila, minidress from Lindex, vest from Zara, hat from H&M, bracelet from Gina Tricot, watch from Certina and a vintage ring.

tirsdag 29. juli 2008


(Click the pictures to see them in better quality)

A bit of inspiration from Luellas spring collection in todays outfit. I loved their little floral pieces, batman prints, little cardigans and blazers and not to forget, their nerdy glasses. But since Luella is a bit pricey for me, I bought this skirt and t-shirt at Urban Outfitters. Today I wore them with my shoes from Bronx.

Fleet Foxes

If you are going to check out one band this summer, let it be Fleet Foxes. These five guys from Seattle has made the perfect soundtrack to warm days on the beach and eating strawberries with your friends. Their songs just makes me smile :)

They are playing at Øyafestivalen in Oslo 8th of August, I'll be there!
Listen to them here.

Summer in the city

Yesterday evening my boyfriend and I went cycling on my old, purple 60s bike. It's incredibly warm right now, almost as hot as Croatia earlier this summer. Just have to enjoy it as long as it lasts.
Headribbon (whats it called in english?) from Gina Tricot, sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, t-shirt from American Vintage, shorts from Vila, bracelet from Gina Tricot and shoes from Converse.

mandag 28. juli 2008

Diorshow Brow

I'm testing: Diorshow Brow: Brow fixing gel

For blondes like me, invisible brows are a problem. Naturally my brows are so white you can't see them from a distance. Therefore I decided to try a
little color and bought Diorshow Brow Fixing Gel.

Price: About 17$ or 185NOK at Esthetique
Colors: One called "Shiny blonde" and one called "Shiny brown", bought the first one.
Result: The brow gel was very easy to apply, and it gave my brows a very natural-looking color. The brush had to different lengths, witch made it even easier to achieve a good result. The gel comes with a bit of shimmer, but it's only visible close-up.

Gives my brows a natural and soft color, but sparkles a bit too much for my taste. Won't stop me from using it, though.


The prettiest pink silk dress from Top Shops a/w-collection. I think I need to go to a city with Top Shop, because their a/w-collection is faboulous.

søndag 27. juli 2008

Jenny Humphrey

Jenny Humfrey (played by Taylor Momsen) from the TV-show Gossip Girl has a personal and interesting style. She mixes the preppy upper-town look (skirts, shirts and heels) with colorful accessories like stockings, bags and hair ribbons. Sophisticated, but a bit more experimental than the other girls in the series.

lørdag 26. juli 2008

Siri Tollerød

I love this pictures of Norwegian model Siri Tollerød in Lula Magazine
Actually Lula Magazine is the one magazine I would subscribe to if I were to pick a new magazine to collect. Sadly it's only published twice a year, but I've heard the issues so far has been amazing. Check it out!


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