mandag 28. juli 2008

Diorshow Brow

I'm testing: Diorshow Brow: Brow fixing gel

For blondes like me, invisible brows are a problem. Naturally my brows are so white you can't see them from a distance. Therefore I decided to try a
little color and bought Diorshow Brow Fixing Gel.

Price: About 17$ or 185NOK at Esthetique
Colors: One called "Shiny blonde" and one called "Shiny brown", bought the first one.
Result: The brow gel was very easy to apply, and it gave my brows a very natural-looking color. The brush had to different lengths, witch made it even easier to achieve a good result. The gel comes with a bit of shimmer, but it's only visible close-up.

Gives my brows a natural and soft color, but sparkles a bit too much for my taste. Won't stop me from using it, though.

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Jeg liker bloggen din, frøken! Fancy gele, likte at resultatet ikke ble overdramatisk.

Kamilla sa...

Yup, må holde fargen realistisk synes jeg :) Takk! Hyggelig at du leser den

Maria sa...

Jeg har prøvd øyenbrynspenn, og feilet dramatisk. Ble altfor tydelig. Takk for tipset!

Kamilla sa...

Hehe, dra på parfymeret og prøvd den for brunetter:)