torsdag 26. februar 2009

Walk the Shame

I had a job interview at Sandvika Storsenter on Tuesday, so I met up with Maria afterwards to have lunch and check out spring news in the stores. I wasn´t supposed to buy anything, but I couldn´t help myself when I found two really good pieces on sale. Don´t know how well the interview went, but I couldn´t care less. Because when I got home they called me from where I work part time (Platekompaniet), and offered me a full time job :D

Lunch at Bølgen & Moi


What I wore outside (sry about crappy pictures, but its pictures at least)


Dress from Saints and Mortals, looks really cute on. Before: 399,- Now: 149,-

Oversized blazer (I bought size xs!) from Saints and Mortals. Before: 599,- Now: 199,-

Accessories of the day

Yesterday Magnus and I went to a concert with Zoom-winners Norma Sass and Urørt-winners Pony the Pirate. Imagine the Green Soil was the opening band.

Norma Sass, talented and lovely girl band <3 The singer has a really cool voice and I think they had a couple of really good songs. They´re playing at Øyafestivalen in August. Check out the song called Japan.

Pony the Pirate
, like their p3-hit single called Walk the Shame

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Maria sa...

:) :) :) :)

Pia sa...

Aj, sjekket ut vårnyhetene på Zara i går - var hvertfall 10 plagg jeg gjerne skulle hatt med meg hjem!

Fine kjøp og digg lunsj ;)