fredag 26. september 2008

Home spa

This won't turn into a beauty-blog, I swear. But today I'm a bit into makeup and skincare. I've got the day off work, and decided to have a little home-spa-session. This is something I do perhaps once a month, and I always feel so good afterwards. And the bonus: It's free! Perfect start on the weekend too.

My home-spa schedule:

1. Clean the shower! I know, it doesn't sound too luxurious... But I promise you, it feels so much better to take a really, really long shower in a clean shower. I always forget the shower when I clean my bathroom.

2. Wash my hair. Right now I use a cheap shampoo from Define. Then I put a hair treatment product in my hair. I use this one from KMS California. It makes my hair really soft and more healthy. I use it once every other week.

3. While the hair product works its magic I peel my entire body with a hampvott (don't know what it's called in english). This removes all dead skin. I also peel my face with
7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula from Clinique. I use it once a week and it makes my skin really soft and clean.

4. After peeling I'm ready for shaving. I used shaving foam for the first time in months, feels even better.

5. Wash my entire body with a mineral softening soap from TL Spa Design. It really makes my skin softer, and smells so good.

6. Wash out the hair treatment and dry myself with a clean towel.

7. After the shower I use
Green Tea Honey Drops Body Cream from Elizabeth Arden. It's a super moisturizing, all-over body cream, with a blend of real honey and fragrant green tea extract which makes it smell really, really good. And it makes my skin so soft! If your looking for a new body lotion, I think you should try this one.

8. Do my makeup and blow dry my hair.

9. File my nails and apply see-through nail polish.

10. Feeling like a princess from head to toe, I finish it off with a big cup of green tea.

In Barcelona I bought a starters kit from i.d. Bare Minerals. It cost 50% less than in Norway!Maria and I shared the content, I got the bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation, the Warmth All-Over Face Color (sun powder) and the Kabuki brush. Don't think I'll need more, these are the essentials.

I've used the makeup for three days now, and I've got to say I love it! I usually don't use foundation, but I really see a difference with the foundation and warmth from id. My skin looks more even and cleaner, a bit more "polished". But the result is also very natural and you can't feel the makeup at all. I tried to take pictures of my face to show you the difference, but I'm no beauty photographer, so it's not that easy to see.
1. No makeup whatsoever.
2. Eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow color.
4. Added
BareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation, in the color fairly light.
5. Added warmth on cheeks and nose.
I really recommend trying out mineral makeup!

Hope some of you got inspired to have a spa-session at home this weekend. Its really worth spending a little time on your selves, you'll feel amazing afterwards.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

3 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

Aah, I love the mineral make-up! Feels so soft<3

You should go to Barcelona more often, and bring me cheap stuff. Yes!

Kamilla sa...

Me too, so happy we bought it together!

Haha, I should :P

Pia sa...

Jeg har brukt mineralsminke i et år nå (fra everyday minerals). Synes det er veldig deilig, men blir fort litt mye gris hvis man sminker seg på farten! Hehe.. pudder overalt. Likte forresten everyday minerals bedre enn i.d. fordi i.d. har en tendens til å gjøre huden litt "gråere", spesielt hvis man jobber litt for mye med kosten.

Spa-dag hørtes deilig ut! Må jeg nesten gjøre selv snart.