onsdag 24. september 2008

Purple haze

Today I visited Maria in Oslo. We ate pancakes for breakfast and tried out our new makeup from id bare minerals at her place, before we made Bogstadveien dangerous. At least it was dangerous for our wallets.

I bought four things that I'm really, really happy with. Now I'm broke, but at least I'm very satisfied. Starting
with todays outfit:
Nothing too special. Shoes from Marc, jeans from Crocker ECO, trench from Zara and scarf from Bloom Copenhagen. Wore my new top from Bruuns Bazar under it.

My buys:
Knit-tube-dress from H&M Trend. I really like it, even though it falls down all the time... Any tips? Tried with safety pins, didn't work that well. The dress looks cool with tops under too, for winter.

Knitted vest from Vila (ignore stupid face)

A bit highwaisted and short-legged pants from H&M Trend.

And the best part: New winter coat from Modström. My camera didn't capture the color of it too well, its more like a dark purple. It is supercute and the cut is fantastic. Not to mention the buttons! I love it <3>

5 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

Amazing buys! I'm so jealous of that coat^^

Morbeline sa...

Use the dress as a high waist skirt!

Nice buys (:

Kamilla sa...

maria: thank you :)

morbeline: I tried that too! Didn't look that good :( Thank you!

Maria sa...

Nei, kjøpte buksa for to uker siden ca :) De har den muligens fortsatt.

Kjempefine kjøp! Jeg likte spesielt den strikkede kjolen og buksen! Buksa satt veldig fint, den vil jeg og ha :):)

guro sa...

Så søt :)