fredag 5. september 2008

My friday night

So you didn't know what you wanted in this blog, except from Maria who wanted more outfits, which I'll try to give you. Only problem is that I work from 9-16 most days, and when I get home I only want to wear my PJs... We'll see in Barcelona :)

I bought Lula today, I'm so exited!

2 kommentarer:

Maria sa...


You have to blog when you're in Barcelona!

Jeg kjøpte ingenting, det var så sykt mange folk der at jeg ikke gadd å brøyte meg fram til bodene. Så stakk bare hjem igjen etter et lite kvarter:P

Kamilla sa...

Haven't had time to read it yet! I'll do it on the airplane :)

Hm, I might, haven't decided if I'm going to bring the PC or not yet...

Så kjipt :/