tirsdag 30. september 2008

All I want this fall

I've decided not to buy more clothes for a while. I just don't need it. I have bought a fair amount of clothes lately, and sadly I haven't used much of it yet. Thats mainly because all I do is walk to work, work, walk to the gym, work out, take the bus home and hang out with my boyfriend. Both of my jobs requires wearing sneakers, jeans and a t shirt with the company's name. Point is: I haven't got any reason to dress up. Sometimes I wish I worked in a store selling clothes or shoes... Where you had to look really good every day.

Not spending money on clothes doesn't mean I don't want to spend any money... I'm earing quite a bit of
money this month... First of all, we have sold our russebil (no word for that in english), which made 3730kr come into my account today. Whoopii! Secondly, I'll have my first paycheck from Baker Hansen tomorrow, about 8000kr. And on the 10th of October I'll have my money from Platekompaniet. So, what do I want?

1. The Macbook

I've had my PC for 3,5 years now, it's a bit tired. And macbooks are so stylish... Want to try one. I'll wait a little bit though, rumors has it that a new macbook is to be released in October!

2. New glasses
- i give up trying to find a good picture-
Why is eyewear so f*ing expensive? They cost about half a Macbook! At least if you want a designers name on them, which I obviously want... And it's damn hard finding the right pair.. I've tried about a hundred different pairs now.

3. New wallet

I've had my wallet for, I'm guessing, ten years. It's ripping at the seams! I want a nice, soft leather, quality wallet like these ones from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

4. Autumn shoes
I need a pair of shoes for autumn that are black, work with my new short trousers and have a bit of heel. Help?

6 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

Sounds like a good idea:)

I'm looking for a nice pair of black winter-ish shoes as well! Perhaps I'll find what I'm looking for in England :)

Pia sa...

I second everything you just said!
I don't need to dress up because of work, I'm craving a macbook, I really want a soft leather wallet and Im in desperatly need of some autumn/winter shoes/boots. I don't need the glasses though - I really like the look, but find it a bit weird to wear them when I don't need to ;)

Im going to spend a certain amount of my salary on IKEA though - we need some more lighting in our livingroom :) But since I got about 15 000, it's hard to resist to buy clothes ;)

CamillaHuuse sa...

Jeg har også lyst på mac :)

Karoline sa...

Jeg forstår meg ikke helt på macbooken min jeg.. haha<3

Kamilla sa...

maria: If you don't find it there, you won't find it anywhere :)

pia: I think wearing glasses when you don't need to is kind of silly :P Save your money for a mac? If we buy it, can we spend some time together figuring out who to use it? :P

camillahuuse: Det skjønner jeg godt!

karoline: hehe, hvor lenge har du hatt den da? Tror det er en tilvenningsprosess, men håper ikke den er så altfor lang.

Ine sa...

I totally reccomend the MacBook black, it is perfect in every way (I have it :))
Cute blog you've got here, by the way. I'm linking you over in my blog, hope that's okay! :)