søndag 7. desember 2008


I got tagged by Ladybirds Nest and now I've got to tell you 7 things about myself:

1. I hate liquorice, it's the worst kind of candy ever made.
2. I have to turn the toilet paper the "right" way if its hanging the "wrong" way, if you know what I mean. The end has to hang away from the wall, not against it.
3. I'm almost always freezing. I like it when its like a sauna in my room, and I always wear big wool socks, tøfler and a scarf inside.
4. As a kid i played soccer, attended dance classes, took singing lessons and joined a swimming club, not at the same time, though.
5. I love watching TV-series. Right now I'm addicted to Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break and Heroes.
6. I only own about 110 CDs, which is an embarrassing small collection compared to my coworkers at Platekompaniet. (I spend a lot more money on clothes and shoes)
7. I dream about working as a fashion journalist or stylist, but I'm often to embarrassed to tell people that, because I'm afraid they think it's silly. But there it is, now its official.

I tag Mia Morbeline, Linnéa and Vanillascented

4 kommentarer:

Ladybird sa...

Rask i avtrekkeren du snella ;) da vet du hvor du skal sende lakrisen din, den salte vel og merke ;)

Mia sa...

Det er bare èn vei toalettpapiret KAN henge ja :P

One Tree Hill ;) Siste sesong (6) var dødsspennende. Så hvis du skal bli hekta på en ny tv-serie, lzm.

Kamilla sa...

Ladybird: Haha, will do ;)

Mia: Akkurat! Hehe, kanskje det blir den neste. House frister også.

Belén sa...

Takk for kommentar sjæl!:) Fikk gavekortet i bursdagsgave, så skal bli godt å få brukt det :) Kult juleverksted du hadde, vil ha sånt selv :)