søndag 7. desember 2008

Santa's little helpers

Yesterday Maria visited me. We spent way too much money at Panduro, but had a really good time making Christmas cards, gifts, trying to keep the fire burning and drinking julebrus.

Look what Maria had bought me for my birthday: The new book by J.K. Rowling!
Maria in deep concentration
Mmm, julebrus from Aass and cutiepie Maria
A tiny bit of all the things we bought, and klementiner, off course
Two of the cards I made (I attached the eye to the reindeer)
I made two of these, they smell so good
Did you say messy?
I had such a great day, lovely to spend my Saturday of work with Maria (: Now I'm ready for a long and hard week, I start at 7 tomorrow morning.. yeey..

4 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

What? I see no mess at all! ;)

Thanks for a lovely evening, babe!

Cecilie sa...

Åå den boken skal jeg også ønske meg til jul =) Synes Hayy Potter bøkene er fantastiske!

Kamilla sa...

Maria: Me neither :P You too <3

Cecilie: Det synes jeg du skal :) Den er jo liten i forhold til HP-bøkene, men er ihvertfall litt mer om den samme verdenen.

xoxo sa...

Vær så snill og fortell meg hva du synes om boken når du har lest den :) På forhånd takk =)