torsdag 25. desember 2008

I'm so lucky

My friend Lise made me this, she knitted it herself! I'm so impressed, almost speechless. I don't even know how to knit a scarf. And it's so cute and warm. I love it <3

From my friend Christina, who works at Bik Bok, I got this wonderful plaid shirt and long tanktop. I had wanted this shirt forever, finally it's mine :)
From my aunt and uncle I got a hand repair cream cream and a lip repair cream from La Roche-Posay, which is just perfect since my hands and lips are so dry from all the air conditioning at work. I also got money for a macbook.
My friend Nora gave me this scented red candle that smells like Christmas <3
I got three giftcards: One from the shopping mall where I live (probably going to use it to buy a new perfume), one from the sports store (need a new tights for the gym) and one from H&M.
From my job at Baker Hansen i got this basket that is filled with a small towel, slippers, an oliv-set with footbath, footpeeling and footcream, a scented candle and chocolate.
From my job at Platekompaniet I got a red wine and a giftcard.
From my grandparents I got this ring, which is the first ring my grandfather ever gave my grandmother. I totally melted, too cute! I also got money to buy a macbook. And a silver fork for my collection!
From my boyfriends mum I got this Clinique makeup-set.
From Magnus I got these beautiful earrings from Arts & Crafts that I am wearing right now and two sets of underwear (which I won't show you!)

I also got money to buy a macbook from my parents. Hopefully I'll buy one on Saturday or Monday :D

I'm really, really, really happy with my Christmas gifts :) What's the best thing you guys got?

4 kommentarer:

Hilde sa...

Du har fått veldig mye fint, men er spesielt imponert over lua! Den var kjempefin! Jeg trenger vel kanskje ikke si hva jeg var mest fornøyd med, hehe.

Marie rocks my socks sa...

Så mye fint! Spesielt ringen, heldig! :)

Maria sa...

Magnus er så flink til å finne fine smykker, han! Åh! Lua var fantastisk laget. Hadde jeg hatt talent, ville dere alle fått hjemmelaget stuff:)

Pia sa...

Så mye fint! Ser at du har oppdatert masse mens jeg har vært borte, rekker ikke å kommentere alt nå, men har lest alt :)