torsdag 25. desember 2008

Christmas party

Friday the 19th we gathered the girls that live all across Norway in Oslo for our annual Christmas party. This year we met in Pia's apartment, she had arranged a wonderful party together with Maria. It contained delicious food (stuffed turkey!), goodiebags (with perfumes, make-up testers etc.), Cosmopolitans (made by Ellen) and a huge picture of Mr. Big (the party was a bit Sex and the City-themed). I had a really good time although I fell asleep way to early, had to work the morning after... Can't wait to see these girls again for our annual Easter party.

Maria in a beautiful dress
Dinner table with goodiebags
Pia, Maria and the turkey
Decorating with Mr. Big
Cupcakes with shoes and handbags :D
Maja enjoying a cupcake
Ellen and Hilde

1 kommentar:

Mia sa...

Takk for sist!

Var veldig koselig selv om alle ble raskt trøtte synes jeg. Vi glemte jo å 'kysse' mr.Big!