fredag 21. november 2008

Such Great Heights

Today I did Oslo with Maria. She's the best shopping partner ever; Great company, good taste, good advise.
Before shopping we tried to be cultural and intellectual by visiting the National Museum. It was fun to see famous painting from my old school books in real life. Like The Scream by Munch.

We had a coffee break before shopping
Cookie monsterMmm, lovely

The goal of this day of shopping was to find the outfit for two of the Christmas parties I'm going to. What I had in mind was a little black dress (I have been wanting a LBD forever) and a pair of high, hot and strappy shoes. It's going to be the birthday present from my parents this year. I found incredibly many good LBDs today, if you're looking for one too, now is the time to find one. They came in every possible cut; Asymmetric, strappless, lace, with bows etc. I tried four different dresses at H&M and ended up with one from the new Divided Exclusive line that lookes like this:

498kr at H&M

I drooled over these boots at Bianco, but I couldn't buy them now.
Then I shocked my self by buying these shoes at Zara (799,-), I've never had such high heels before! Have to practice at home. But I love them, they're awesome!

I also bought two basic t-shirt dresses in black and white from Gina Tricot on sale, 49kr each. Haven't got pictures of them yet. Good purchases!

Todays outfit:
Boots from Bronx, brown stockings, my mums knit dress from Essentials, H&M scarf, JC parkas and Bianco bag.

Now it's time for red wine, chocolate and watching TV with Magnus, all in my new shoes! Have a good weekend :)

Pictures my Maria and me.

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Maria sa...

Thank you for the best day, love! <3

Maria sa...


Helene sa...

så søt du er! :D

Morbeline sa...

Omg, herlige kjoler og sko! Likte sløyfekjolen og zaraskoa best. Egentlig bare slemt å poste slike fantastiske shoppingfunn, fattige mennesker (like me) leser også bloggen din ;)

Anette sa...

Så søte bilder fra cafe :-) Kjempefin kjole fra h&m !

Pia sa...

omg, jeg kjøpte nesten de skoene forrige uke! De er jo kjempebehagelige å ha på :) Synd jeg har et par som er forholdsvis like, ellers hadde jeg nok investert jeg også.

Elsket kjolen!

Kamilla sa...

Maria: Fikk ikke opp hele linken, du må gi den på msn tror jeg.

Helene: Tusen takk :D

Mia: Sorry da :P

Anette: Takk!

Pia: hehe, husker vi sikla på de da vi var på Zara sammen. Men huska at du hadde noen nesten like, mens jeg ikke har noen sånn type sko. Elsker kjolen jeg også!

Ladybird sa...

Kjolen er knall den, og det var de bootsene og ;)

Anonym sa...

Hvor høye er de skoene ? Er de bhagelige å gå på ? Kjempefin blogg foresten :)