mandag 24. november 2008

My Daily Reads Part 5

Fashion Squad is a blog by Carolina Engman who likes to post pictures of outfits, parties, models and pretty things she wants. I like to read it.

Altamira NYC is great street style from New York. Not much more to say.

Le Blog de Betty is one of my favorite blogs because Betty is so incredibly cute and her outfits are so inspiring.

Karla is a girl with true style. She often buys a bit crazy stuff just to see if she can manage to combine them in outfits. She also has the two haircuts I've been wanting the most the last months. Warning: Lots of hot heels.

Linnéa writes the funniest blog. Not so much about fashion, more about what happens at Bunnpris and in Molde and in Linnéas everyday life. Best part: Video blogs and The Irony.

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