fredag 17. oktober 2008

My Daily Reads Part 1

It's insane that I read about 50 blogs/street style sites every single day, but I do, and I'm kind of addicted. But it's selfish to keep them all to my self, so I've decided to share my daily reads with you. What a treat you're in for! Here are the first five:

Yvan, the face hunter, is a full time street style photographer. He travels all over the world too find the best outfits. A lot of inspiration to find here.

The Sartorialist is also one of the most famous street style photographers, well deserved. Takes beautiful pictures of beautiful people. A must-see!

Stocholm Streetstyle is street style from Stockholm. We all know the Swedes have style, got to admit I get a little jealous sometimes... They have the best dressed guys, the most famous bloggers and so many good designers. Well, at least we can admire them.

I've been reading Ladybirds Nest for a long time, a blog written by a 26 years old Norwegian woman. She posts great street style pictures, a lot of pretty inspiration, product tests and so on. Really like this blog!

Alisa om alt is a great Norwegian blog. Lot's of inspirational collages, music tips, beautiful pictures and love of French brands (I found A.P.C. because of this blog). Check it out!

Hope you all have a wonderful friday! I'm going to start working on my Halloween costume, won't tell you what it is though ;)

6 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

Meir, meir!

Ladybird sa...

Tusen takk søte deg ;) Nå kommer jeg til å smile resten av dagen :D

Marte sa...

elsker bloggen til ladybird:)

Kamilla sa...

maria: det kjem, det kjem!

ladybird: Vel fortjent :)

marte: jeg også!

Ladybird sa...

Nå blir jeg nesten litt flau her ;) gode dere er!

Marie sa...

I'm gonna be "L" from "Death Note" on Halloween. ^_^
Soon it's halloween, jippie!