torsdag 16. oktober 2008

Hello Oslo

In Oslo with Pia yesterday. We visited Acnes lagersalg and bought ourselves some new pairs of jeans. It was quite a lot of people there, and huge amounts of jeans. They were sorted by size on different tables, so you just had to find the right model/wash in the mess. I bought a pair of baggy jeans (as planned) that are called "Generic girl". They are so comfortable and looks a bit like boys jeans, the "boyfriend fit", in other words. They look like this, just in a different wash. I also bought the red shoes that I posted the other day, and some new music. Spent too much money again...

Pia looking cute
Me looking like an idiot (had to blur). H&M scarf, hat and top. Urban Outfitters jacket, Zara pants and Marc shoes.

New CDs:
Anna Järvinen - Jag fick feeling
Iron & Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days
Laura Marling - Alas I Cannot Swim
Rockettothesky - Medea
Susanna - Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos

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