søndag 12. oktober 2008

Jazzy weekend

Some pictures from yesterday and today. Yesterday I watched my boyfriends jazz trio, Voyage One, warm up for Jonas Kullhamar Quartet, it was niiice.

Glasses from DKNY, tshirt and dress from H&M, coat from Modström and shoes from Bronx.

Voyage One


Today we went for a walk with one of his dogs. We were outside for three hours, and even got to see two paragliders jump out from the mountain top we walked to. Looked shitscary and amazing all at once.

Two cute and huge dogs we saw.

Bjela and me

Magnus and Bjela

Now were going to watch Ocean's Eleven and eat apple cake (: Hopefully you'll have an alright start on the week tomorrow.

4 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

I want an ice bear-doggy, too!

Isabelle/Billie sa...

jag går europa-linje, man reser mycket, och jag ska lära mig kinesiska:) är 17 om nån månad. dudå?

Christine sa...

jeg elsker bildene og jeg elsker antrekket ditt!<3

Kamilla sa...

Takk :)