tirsdag 6. januar 2009

My Daily Reads Part 6

It's time to give you the last five of my favorite blogs :)

Garance Doré is french street style on its best, all the pictures are beautiful and the outfits are really inspiring.

Miss Dior Couture creates the prettiest collages I've seen. They're mixes of pictures, fonts, illustrations and everything. Lot's of inspiration to collect here!

hjartesmil is written by Mariell, who posts pictures (that are really nice) of what she bakes, what she likes and what her life looks like. She is also trying to make a norwegian version of Post Secret, what a good idea! I think you'll all like hjartesmil, it's blog with lots of soul. I haven't been reading it that long, but I already love it.

My friend Mia writes this blog that is a little about everything... A bit about clothes and outfits, a bit about parties, a bit about everyday life.. Lovely mixture by a really sweet girl.

The Cherry Blossom Girl is almost a legend in the world of blogging, seems like everybody loves her. I do too! She dresses so sweet and pretty and her outfits posts looks like they're from a fairytale.

4 kommentarer:

Maria sa...


Alltid glad for nye tips!

hjartesmil sa...

aw, så fin du er! tusen tusen takk. :)

Mia sa...


Hjartesmil er så herlig blogg!

Christine sa...

fine bloggere :)