mandag 1. desember 2008

Let it snow

After the party Saturday night Magnus and I slept till 12 yesterday. Then we took the train to Oslo for our birthday-day together. We treated our selves with two hours at Dragonfly spa instead of buying each other birthday presents this year, a good choice. First we had one hour aroma massage and then one hour facial massage and cleansing treatment. I felt like a princess. Dragonfly looked incredibly good; soft light, Japanese interior, calming music and candles. The staff was professional and knew what they were doing, the massage was so good. Afterwards we ate Indian. Mmmm...

Some pictures from Dragonfly and from the party on Saturday:

1 and 2: What I wore; H&M dress and Zara shoes.
3. Christina and I, 4. The party, 5. Magnus and I, 6. Nora, Christina and Ragnhild, 7. Brownies<3, 8. People in bed.

Tomorrow its my birthday. I wish for a lot of snow, polite costumers at work and cake for lunch.

3 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

Det så sykt digg ut! Jeg vil også. XD

Håret ditt ser amazing ut!

Linnéa sa...

Wow, så flott du er!

Oda sa...

Åh, så herlig!