tirsdag 11. november 2008

What happened here?

I've never been shopping a lot at Bik Bok, but since one of best friends started working there, I've been there more and really seen the changes they've made. Now I can find a lot of clothes there I would want in my wardrobe. Right now I'm drooling over a silver sequined mini dress and a plaid shirt. Anyway, the point of this post was to show you my favorites from Bik Boks spring/summer collection. We've got something to look forward too!

Totally comfortable t shirt and cool studded vest

This dress looks so cute

Exiting jacket, hopefully the buttons look good close up

Hot jumpsuit and cute sunglasses

Like the styling here, and a model with hips <3 I think it's Hanneli Mustaparta

Glitter jacket and acid jeans, I like a lot

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Maria sa...

I love it when they mix sequined or studded, and eccentric stuff like that with a really relaxed, simple outfit. Looks awesome!

Yeah, both Bik Bok, Lindex and Cubus have really evolved into something better the last couple of years. Love it:)