onsdag 12. november 2008

My Daily Reads Part 4

Do you want some more good blogs to read? Here's another five of my dailys:

Lisa is really sweet, and I like her blog a lot. It's one of Sweden's most popular blogs, I think, but its still personal and down to earth. Lisa posts good outfits and nice pictures from her every day life.

The Keep is written by Maria, one of my very best friends. Not only is she incredibly beautiful, she writes funny post about nothing and everything and sometimes stunning pictures taken by awesome photographer Anette Schive. You should check them both out! I <3 U, Maria.

Childhood Flames is written by Camille, who has a really simple and really inspiring style. She also does a bit of DIY-projects (do-it-yourself) with tutorials that are fun to watch. She's great at posting catwalk favorites and nice pictures. You've got to read this blog.

You have to see Arvidas blog because of her amazing pictures. Big photographer to come.

Fashiontoast by Rumi is another blog you just have to read. She combines clothes in the best and often most original ways. She poses like a God and wears heels like she was born in them. Admirable. I could die a little bit for her shoe collection.

2 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

Awww, takk, fina! Kjempeglad i deg!


Marie rocks my socks sa...

Takk for tips:) Skal sjekke dei ut!