søndag 2. november 2008

My Daily Reads Part 3

Niotillfem is written by Sandra, who is completely adorable. She wears the cutest dresses, has the hottest Chloé boots and writes the sweetest stories. She also post many intelligent post that are healthy reading for many young and insecure girls.

Vanillascented is written by Maria. The best thing about her blog is her incredible cool style and inspirational pictures.

I've been reading this blog forever, can't stop! The sisters Amanda and Olivia posts their cute outfits and pictures from parties, travels and everything.

Signe Simensen, writer of Milk, is so beautiful she makes your eyes pop out. Her effortless style, killer legs and doc martens is some of the reasons I have to read this blog, all the amazing pictures she finds and shares is another.

Emma Nygren is yet another Swedish girl with an eye for clothing. I always like what she wears, and she has a really cool apartment too. (And she looks a bit like Ashley Olsen!)

4 kommentarer:

Anja sa...

Alle de bloggerne er helt fantastiske! Spesielt niotillfem :)

Du hadde en veldig fin blogg forresten! :)

Camilla sa...

Mange finer blogger du har anbefalt :)

Nadia Tee sa...

Mange bra blogger :D

Maria sa...

Åå så koselig! :D takk

jeg så igjennom part 1 og 2 også og jeg ser at vi har mange til felles! :D