tirsdag 21. oktober 2008

My Daily Reads Part 2

I was going to take pictures of my outfit today, I had the day of and actually wore something nice. But by the time I got home it was dark outside, so no pictures were taken. I made a big part of my costume for Halloween today, together with my boyfriends mother (since I cannot use a sewing machine), it's turning out great! Looking forward to show it to you, but you'll have to wait till Halloween.

New treats for you on a Tuesday night, I hope you'll enjoy them :)

Hotspot is a blog with many good features, like the save/spend-posts, how to change an outfit from day to night, the newest trends and how to wear them and much, much more. A must-read!

Elonore is editor in chief of Modette, Sweden's fashion community. She has everything you could ever want; A beautiful wardrobe, the perfect job (travels all around the world to visit the fashion weeks) and a super blog. In the blog she tells us all about the fashion weeks, posts inspiring pictures and dream outfits and much more.

Lolita is one of my favorite blogs, of my favorites, if that makes any sense. Her blog is all about pictures, from fashion to interior and art. I promise you, you'll be saving a lot of pictures in your inspiration folders from this blog, I had to make a new one for interior only. Enjoy!

Pretty, pretty Alma shows us her great outfits, love of Alexander Wang and shoe obsession in this blog. A lot of pretty pictures too.

Super-cute Elin writes a blog about her outfits, secondhand finds and everything else. She has a really feminine and pretty style, always inspiration to find here. And I love her blonde, blonde hair.

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Katarina sa...

åh, vad fint sagt, vad glad jag blir! tack! kramar

Maria sa...

Takk for tipsene, pews!