fredag 1. august 2008

Shoe Wishlist

Miu miu strappy booties

Jazz shoes/oxfords

Some kind of leather shoes with laces, like these

Jimi Choo biker boot, or a bit cheaper copy
Ankle boots from Marc Jacobs

These ones from Bianco reminds me a bit of these from Marc Jacobs:

Of course I would prefer the Marc Jacobs...

Well, the list goes on and on, but I have to go to work now. Don't think I've mentioned it yet, but I work in a record store called Platekompaniet. Today I'll play The Ting Tings, catchy and fun summer music. Check them out!

3 kommentarer:

thomyorke sa...

ambition makes you look pretty ungly :)

Kamilla sa...

I think I'm missing out on your point here.. Anyways, I don't see a problem with enjoying both shoes and Radiohead :)

Ellen sa...

The Ting Tings var dritkule på Roskilde :D