mandag 11. august 2008

Fall already?

Gucci f/w-08

I'm home from Øyafestivalen, and it was amazing. Spent time with good friends, saw good bands, and ate good food and drank beer. The best concerts this year was Ane Brun, Iron & Wine, Sigur Rós, N.E.R.D. (I touched Pharell Williams!), Clipse, Yeasayer and The Sonics.

Only thing that sucks, is that I haven't got a single picture for you. They wouldn't let me take my SRL-camera inside, and my little digital camera just stopped working. So I'll guess you'll have to wait for more outfit-posts till I have something to dress up for. Right now I'm just at home, washing my grandparents apartment trying to earn a bit more cash for Barcelona (4 weeks today!). In other words, nothing fancy these days. But I'll give you some eye candy nonetheless, autumn is here for sure with these pictures from Gucci.

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Maria sa...

I'm sort of looking foreward to the fall, just because I love to dress autumn-y!
Tights, skirts, scarves, love.