lørdag 23. august 2008


I got the autumn catalog from A.P.C. in the mail yesterday, and I'm in love! This french label just has an amazing fall collection. It's so simple, yet elegant.

My top 6 wish list:
1. Striped pullover with heart pocket, 130 Euro
2. Lace-up ankle boots, 320 Euro
3. Sailor coat, 360 Euro
4. Cardigan, 130 Euro
5. Shorts, 160 Euro
6. Striped knit cap, 45 Euro

Too bad it's so expensive, just the sailor coat would cost my whole shopping budget for Barcelona. But perhaps I can afford the beautiful heart pocket sweater.

Visit A.P.Cs homepage to watch the whole collection for both men and women, order the catalog or shop online.

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